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Farish Wedding Photographers

Farish Recreation Area in Woodland Park is one of my favorite intimate wedding venues in Teller County!  This is my all time favorite view of Pikes Peak.  The angle is simply perfect from here!

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Shining Mountain Golf Club Weddings

I love working close to home in Woodland Park, Colorado. I’m so proud of all our local owned small businesses, we have such a great community.  I hope you enjoy these photos that really show it off.

To start the day off, the girls got their hair done by the fabulous ladies over at Studio West Aveda in downtown on Midland Ave.  I just love the view and all the natural light they get in their salon!

Then we were off to the wedding site, just a few miles up Hwy 67 north, the gorgeous mountain golf course above the clouds, Shining Mountain Golf Club.  I never get tired of working with Becky and her wonderful staff at Shining Mountain. I have to say Rob and Shelly are the coolest people, I am so glad I got to know them before they moved to New Zealand!

woodland-park-colorado-wedding-photographers_0003 Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0006 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0001 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0002 Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0016 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0003 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0004 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0005 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0006 shining-mountain-golf-club-woodland-park-colorado-Wedding-Photogarphers_0007  Shining-Mountain-Woodland-Park-Wedding-Photogarphers_0008
To see more of their wedding portraits, check out my next post, Shining Mountain Golf Club – Wedding Photography

The Barn at Casey’s, Wedding Venue Review

Casey’s Barn in north Woodland Park is located off of Hwy 67 just northwest of Manitou Lake, near the national forest burned in the 2002 Hayman Fire.  It is very close to the Douglas county line, but only about 35 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs.  It a simple barn with some great rustic appeal, built right next to Casey’s Lumber Mill and the owner’s house.  It was originally built for their daughter’s wedding years ago, but since opening it up to the public has become quite popular, so popular they have since taken down their Facebook Page.  If you are looking for a rustic venue where you can bring all your own food and alcohol I would recommend checking it out.  Even though there are not as many options for portraits as I would like on site, there is a wide variety of locations for portraits that are easy to quickly access via the national forest road it is located on or by heading across the street to Manitou Lake to get a view of Pikes Peak.  To see more photography from Casey’s Barn Weddings, visit our other post: The Barn At Casey’s Lumber Mill and Casey’s Barn

caseys-barn-wedding-photography_0017caseys-barn-wedding-photography_0024caseys-barn-wedding-photographers_0008 caseys-barn-wedding-photography_0022

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Woodland Park, Edgewood Inn Weddings

The National Forest near the Edgewood Inn in Woodland Park, Colorado is beautiful for photography, especially when we great freezing fog. I loved the ice crystals on the old fence, so I decided to use it to hold up the wedding details.  I hope you enjoy these winter wedding photos.  Thanks for stopping by!



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