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Colorado Destination Mountain Wedding Venues

These destination mountain wedding venues in Florissant Colorado are great choices for intimate ceremony in the forest.




Farish Wedding Photographer

Some of the best views in Teller County of Pikes Peak are from Rampart Range and Farish Recreation Area outside of Woodland Park has my favorite view and it happens to be a great place to get married!  Here are a few of my favorite wedding portraits from John and Megan’s early September wedding…

farish-wedding-photography_0030farish-wedding-photography_0033 farish-wedding-photography_0035bw farish-wedding-photography_0037farish-wedding-photography_0039Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Farish Wedding Photographers

Farish Recreation Area in Woodland Park is one of my favorite intimate wedding venues in Teller County!  This is my all time favorite view of Pikes Peak.  The angle is simply perfect from here!

farish-weddings-picturesfarish-wedding-photography_0002bw farish-wedding-photography_0003 farish-wedding-photography_0004bw farish-wedding-photography_0005 farish-wedding-photography_0006 farish-wedding-photography_0007bw farish-wedding-photography_0008 farish-wedding-photography_0009 farish-wedding-photography_0010 farish-wedding-photography_0011bwfarish-wedding-photography_0012 farish-wedding-photography_0015farish-wedding-photographers_0018farish-wedding-photography_0019bw farish-wedding-photography_0020bw farish-wedding-photography_0021 farish-wedding-photography_0022 farish-wedding-photography_0023 farish-wedding-photography_0025bw farish-wedding-photography_0027 farish-wedding-photography_0028 farish-wedding-photography_0029bwSheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Teller County Wedding Photographers

Getting married in Teller County?  Mueller State Park is a great location for a wedding!  It is very reasonably priced and there are even specials on their cabins from time to time.  It is a beautiful and rustic mountain venue, not to mention any photographers dream.  The park is huge, there is a wide variety of terrain to create different backdrops.  This photograph was taken in back of the cabins.  Thanks for stopping by!  To get more ideas for gorgeous wedding venues located in Teller County, Colorado just check out my website Teller County Weddings.


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Woodland Park Wedding Photography

Here is a sneak peak at one of my favorite pictures from the Duvall Wedding, which took place last week in Woodland Park, Colorado at Shining Mountain Golf Club.  I love wedding exits, especially ones with colorful flower petal showerings!  What a fun wedding to photograph!!

Shining-mountain-weddings_0001Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Florissant Colorado Wedding Portraits

Tihsreed Lodge is a great venue, not only because it is a beautiful spot to get married, but there are lots of nearby locations for portraits.  How do you like these backgrounds for wedding portraits in Teller County?florissant-colorado-wedding-photographers_0006





florissant-colorado-wedding-photographers_0002Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Woodland Park, Edgewood Inn Weddings

The National Forest near the Edgewood Inn in Woodland Park, Colorado is beautiful for photography, especially when we great freezing fog. I loved the ice crystals on the old fence, so I decided to use it to hold up the wedding details.  I hope you enjoy these winter wedding photos.  Thanks for stopping by!



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Edgewood Inn Wedding Photography

A short drive up from Colorado Springs is The Edgewood Inn – a gorgeous new mountain wedding venue in Teller County, Colorado.  It is located near Rampart Range Road and Reservoir in the hills above Woodland Park, Colorado.  This little Bed and Breakfast is perfect for a private intimate mountain weddings experience!  And to make it even more tempting, when you book with them, it becomes your home for the entire weekend!! Additionally, it is surrounded by hundreds of acres of the Pike National Forest, an adventurous mountain photographers dream.  It is beautiful up there all year long, even during a chili October day with freezing fog.

I hope you enjoy the following wedding portraits…

edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0001 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0002 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0003 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0004 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0005 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0006 edgewood-inn-woodland-park-wedding-pictures_0007

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