Sheena Harper Photography

Twin Falls Family Adventure Photography

Last month at the Pocatello Spring Fair at the Idaho State University Holt Arena the Perrine Man Press booth caught our full attention. Compared to all the other booths at the event, it really spoke to us. So, we stopped by there and ended up totally connecting with the owners over a love for the outdoors, traveling, and camping. (If you are not familiar with Perrine Man Press, you should be. It is an Idaho small business where they print their rad hand drawn Idaho designs on shirts, hats, stickers and more.)

Last weekend, we were able to make it over to Twin Falls and hike with them. I love visiting friends in new places and I love capturing genuine moments when families go on outdoor adventures together. I also love making pictures where a love of nature can shine through. This little hike along the Snake River down to Auger Falls was amazing. (It also looked like there are some fantastic mountain bike trails there as well, next time I’m bringing my bike!)

Anyways, I am so grateful for our very talented new adventure buddies and that they allowed me to photograph them. Candid lifestyle family portraits and exploring brand new awesome locations are so much fun for me. Besides, it was a gorgeous spring day for a hike to a remote waterfall and get to know them better. I hope you enjoy these photos of my new friends Kenj, Cory, Emmit and Chaco and are inspired to take your own little family outdoors.


 “There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot.” ― Aldo Leopold