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Pelican Beach Clubhouse Weddings

The Pelican Beach Clubhouse in Satellite Beach, FL is a great venue for a intimate wedding. A small clubhouse on a beautiful section of beach is all you need to have a great party in Florida.

Photographing a wedding on the beach has always been a dream of mine and when I met Erica at a bridal show in Colorado Springs last January, I knew it was fate.  Then when she said the location of her wedding, I couldn’t believe it, it was only about a half a mile from my aunt Jenny’s house!  As they say, the rest was history.  It is always fun to photograph a wedding in a new location, especially when you can do it barefoot!

Long story short, it turns out Erica is also a photographer and we have become friends since the wedding.  I am looking forward to photographing some star trails with her in Colorado this fall.

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Satellite Beach Wedding Photographers

Pelican Beach in Satellite Beach, Florida is a great spot for a beautiful beach wedding. Here are a few photos from my Florida wedding portfolio…

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