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Mink Creek Group Site Campground Weddings

Pocatello Idaho has some great hidden gems for brides and grooms, like this off the beaten path outdoor wedding venue tucked away in the Caribou National Forest. One of my favorite things about this area of southeast Idaho is it’s rich history. The almost 1 million acres of land and 20+ developed campgrounds in this area of national forest is actually named after Cariboo Jack. If you haven’t read up on him, you should, his story is amazing, well was amazing until he got mauled to death by a grizzly. Anyways… back to my Idaho outdoor wedding photography blog.

This large outdoor wedding site located just outside of Pocatello is an empty slate for your chic boho or country wedding or even a family reunion. Once you know it’s there it is not hard to find, but it takes some planning to figure out how to work the space (especially parking). It can supposedly accommodate up to about 150 people (if they carpool). It has a large flat grassy area, a big pavilion with picnic tables and 2 restrooms. It is a great spot if you want to have an outdoor wedding and reception. It appears that there is water is available on site. However, I don’t believe there is any cell phone reception there. The Mink Creek group site can be reserved for your wedding ceremony and reception by visiting the forest service headquarters located on the south side of town at 4350 Cliffs Dr or by calling them during business office hours at (208) 236-7500.