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Catamount Ranch Wedding Videography

#TBT Here are a couple photos of me filming, behind the scenes, last summer working in Steamboat Springs at Catamount Ranch and Club.

This wedding on a beautiful lake outside of town, but there are also many other options for wedding venues, on the mountain alone there are at least 10 different sites!  A trip to Steamboat is always fun.  Growing up mostly in Louisiana, I love cajun food and SunPie’s Bistro is a great spot to stop in Steamboat.  Also, you can’t go to town without a hike to Fish Creek Falls.


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Mountain Wedding Planning Tips – Altitude

After 9 years in the business I have worked at hundreds lot of weddings.  Mountain weddings offer opportunities that are hard to beat in an urban city environment, but they present a wide variety of logistical challenges.  Therefore, I work closely with my couples during their planning process to ensure they are prepared for anything.  My background in Outdoor Leadership taught me if you want to stay safe and have a good time outdoors in the mountains, you must plan ahead and prepare.  The best advice I can give my brides to enjoy their wedding day, is to plan ahead and prepare for the worst which is actually the first principal of the Leave No Trace Ethic Guide.  I used to be a certified teacher, so I hope sharing my knowledge will help improve the outcome and experience you have at your mountain wedding.  To ready more about the Planning Ahead, check out the LNT website.

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Mountain Wedding Planning Tips – Weather

Wedding After 9 years in the business I have realized that I have to share my knowledge to everyone I possibly can!  I hope this video series helps you plan your mountain wedding.  My first video is about the most important thing to consider when planning a wedding, the weather.

Today most brides are trying to plan their wedding on their own, well with the help of Pinterest, but they often forget to consider the environment around them.  Nature is unpredictable, so mountain weddings require a lot more planning than any other type of wedding.  Weather is highly unpredictable and in the mountains temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, especially in transitional seasons.  Planning a mountain wedding can be a full time job.  There are just so many scenarios to consider and plan for, rain and wind being the biggest two.


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Steamboat Springs Wedding Photos and Video

Here is a video I made for Scott and Heidi, while working their wedding in Steamboat Springs at Catamount Ranch and Club.

Steamboat Colorado is a great little mountain town way up in Routt County, Colorado and it is great to visit any time of year!  In the summer I enjoy playing in the Rabbit Ears Ranger District area, but as you know winter is my favorite time of year.  Steamboat Springs, aka Ski Town USA is most popular for it’s winter activities, especially skiing, as it is one of the largest ski resorts in America.  It is no surprise in the winter they receive 300+ inches of snow (7.6 m) in the mountains!  Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club has a famous ski jump called Howelsen Hill Ski Area.  It has sent more skiers to international competition than any other area in North America.  It was always my dream to raise my children there so they could become professional skiers.  I’m glad there is still time to move.


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