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Farish Wedding Photographers

Farish Recreation Area in Woodland Park is one of my favorite intimate wedding venues in Teller County!  This is my all time favorite view of Pikes Peak.  The angle is simply perfect from here!

farish-weddings-picturesfarish-wedding-photography_0002bw farish-wedding-photography_0003 farish-wedding-photography_0004bw farish-wedding-photography_0005 farish-wedding-photography_0006 farish-wedding-photography_0007bw farish-wedding-photography_0008 farish-wedding-photography_0009 farish-wedding-photography_0010 farish-wedding-photography_0011bwfarish-wedding-photography_0012 farish-wedding-photography_0015farish-wedding-photographers_0018farish-wedding-photography_0019bw farish-wedding-photography_0020bw farish-wedding-photography_0021 farish-wedding-photography_0022 farish-wedding-photography_0023 farish-wedding-photography_0025bw farish-wedding-photography_0027 farish-wedding-photography_0028 farish-wedding-photography_0029bwSheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Intimate Mountain Wedding Photographer

I love photographing intimate mountain weddings!  The smaller the wedding the more time there is for photography (usually).  More time means my couples can relax, which means better photographs.  Here is a sneak peak at Christine and Justin’s photos from their very intimate ceremony on a friend’s ranch in Divide, Colorado…

mountain-wedding-photographer_0002 mountain-wedding-photographer_0003 mountain-wedding-photographer_0004 mountain-wedding-photographer_0005  mountain-wedding-photographer_0007 mountain-wedding-photographer_0100divide-co-wedding-photographers_0003 Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

Mountain Wedding Photographer

Just west of Colorado Springs lies the town of Divide, Colorado.  It is a gorgeous area with amazing views of Pikes Peak!  As a wedding photographer I get to meet lots of great people and these great people just happened to have a friend with a big ranch and tons of wildflowers and views.  It was the perfect location to hold their 20th wedding anniversary styled portrait session.  Here is a sneak peak at the Lukasavige’s 20th wedding anniversary styled photography portrait session…

divide-colorado-wedding-photographers_0001mountain-wedding-photographers_0020 mountain-wedding-photographers_0019mountain-wedding-photographers_0011 mountain-wedding-photographers_0013Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |