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Colorado Springs Dog Photography

Over the years I have worked with pets of all kinds on lots of types of sessions and I have learned a lot.  Here are my ‘Best Practices for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding’…

Start off by booking a dog friendly wedding venue.  Next take your dog to the venue(s) and familiarize it with the location and practice its role there.  Then schedule a grooming for your dog groomed shortly before the wedding and a dog handler to watch them on the day of the wedding.  The handler should be someone who your dog knows and obeys and that can transport them to and from the wedding.  On the day of the wedding be sure to have lot of food, water, treats and toys on hand.  Unless you have really good insurance and you don’t mind loosing your rings, never place your real rings on a dog!  Lastly, postpone portraits with your pet until after the ceremony and all the other portraits to keep your clothes as clean as possible, for as long as possible.

Keep in mind that not all situations and environments may be safe for your pet or comfortable for them.  Also consider anticipated weather conditions, their loves, fears, and behaviors before bringing them to a wedding.

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Colorado Springs Dog Training

Meet Sarah Fricke!  Sarah owns and operates Colorado Dog Works, formerly Wag Dog Training.  She is a professional dog trainer located on the west side of Colorado Springs, near Hwy 24 and 21st Street.  I have been working with her for years now, so when she decided to re-brand her business she asked me to help get some action photos for her website.  I love working with dogs, especially well trained dogs!  Here are my dog training pictures…

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