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Salida Wedding Venues

The riverfront in Salida The SteamPlant is a wonderful place to get married. Salida is the quintessential mountain town.


Granby Ranch Wedding Photographers

Granby Ranch in Granby, Colorado is such a wonderful wedding venue!  Granby is located in Grand Lake County, a short drive from Denver.  It is actually is a four-season mountain community located just 15 minutes north of Winter Park. The resort is very family-friendly and they have great ways to get your Colorado adventure on year round from skiing to golfing and fishing, to extreme mountain biking trails.  If you are visiting in the summer, I highly recommend their Vista Vibe Concert Series – on Wednesdays evenings and Saturday afternoons they have live local acoustic music, by really talented musicians on at the Base Camp Lodge Deck.  Plus, there are free chair lift rides on Wednesdays through Sundays!  There is something really different about riding a chairlift down the mountain.

As a photographer I get t work in lots of beautiful locations and ski areas are usually my favorites, but there is something really special about this view east towards the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park!  There are no houses in site, just wilderness as far as the eye can see.  I believe that wilderness offers therapy for the soul and getting married in the wilderness gives your guests a bit of therapy as well.  There is just something about a view like this one that makes me feel so small and egalitarian.  I could sit here all day, spending time in special places like this is so refreshing!

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Westcliffe Colorado Engagement Pictures

Westcliffe, Colorado located in Custer County has always been a favorite of mine!  It is a charming little town at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  It actually reminds me a lot of Jackson Hole (another favorite of mine), the way the mountains rise up from the flat land is just spectacular!  Westcliffe is a great place for photography of all kinds, and even weddings.  Actually, if you are looking for a beautiful wedding venue, The Historic Pines Ranch in Westcliffe is a very nice one!

For Scott and Christin’s engagement portraits, we chose a more personal location.  We chose the groom’s his family’s ranch (The Canda Homestead) for their rustic mountain backdrop and it was the perfect spot!  I hope you enjoy the following engagement pictures!

On a side note, I once lived in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area for 30 days straight!  Here is a link to a behind the scenes video of me giving back to a part of Colorado I love dearly, the South Colony Lakes Basin.  Thanks to the Rocky Mountain Field Institute for filming me doing some hard core wilderness maintenance on the trails up the very popular 14ers, Humboldt and Crestone Needle.  It was truly an incredible experience!

westcliffe-pines-ranch-photographerswestcliffe-wedding-photographers_0001 westcliffe-wedding-photographers_0002

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Colorado Mountain Wedding Bridal Portraits

It is #WeddingWednesday, so here is a beautiful bridal portrait of Mallory, one of my June brides.  Photos where you can’t see the eyes are just so mysterious to me, love this one!

Traditionally, especially in the south, bridal portraits are actually done in a separate pre-wedding a month or two before your wedding.  You would have professional hair and make-up artists for the session, typically using trial runs which are included with the wedding package. Wedding timelines always run behind, portrait times always get cut, so doing bridal portraits on a separate day is a great way to ensure you get a nice variety of portraits of yourself looking the best you have ever looked in an amazing dress.  Besides, why buy a dress to only wear it once?  You obviously will need to keep your bridal photos hidden carefully, if your groom will be seeing your dress for the first time at their wedding ceremony.  But is it so worth it to have some nice pictures to display at the reception or to give to your parents or even your groom as a thank you on the day of the wedding.

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Shining Mountain Golf Club Wedding Pictures

Here are KaraLee and Rob Johnson’s Wedding Reception Photo from Shining Mountain Golf Club
woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0002 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0028 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0029 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0030woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0031woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0032woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0033woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0034woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0035woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0036woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0037woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0038woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0039woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0040woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0045woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0046woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0047woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0048woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0049woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0050woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0051woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0052woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0053

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Woodland Park Mountain Wedding

I love working at Shining Mountain Golf Club just a few mile up Hwy 67 north in Woodland Park.

Shining Mountain Golf Course in Woodland Park, CO is an 18-hole semi-private golf course that opened in 1995.  Golf Digest Rated the course as one of the “Top 50 Courses to Play Once In a Lifetime” It is also one of my favorite wedding venues in the area!  Their 4,800 square-foot events center welcomes up to 220 guests at an unbeatable price!

Here are KaraLee and Rob Johnson’s Wedding Ceremony Pictures…

woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0003 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0004 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0005 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0008 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0009 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0010 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0011 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0014 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0007 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0016 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0017woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0018woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0020woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0019  woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0021 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0022 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0015 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0023 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0024 woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0025  woodland-park-colorado-weddings-photographers-shining-mountain-golf-club_0027

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