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Buena Vista Photography

I love the town of Buena Vista, Colorado and can be found there often!  In the summer the river is great, the weather is warm and there is always a festival going!  There are so much great restaurants and shops, it is super fun!  Also, there is always something new to explore and someone new to meet.  This weekend I finally got to meet Alf!

Alf’s Blacksmith Shop in Buena Vista is the strangest spot in BV!  He is located a block off main street, near the new downtown area of South Main, in Chaffee County.  Lots of small ‘towns’ in Colorado have blacksmith shops, but I rarely see them open for business.  Alf however is still operational, he does repairs and sharpening and even has an Instagram page!  If you have a chance stop and chat with him, you should do so, he has some great stories!



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