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I love photographing church weddings and I especially enjoy photographing catholic weddings since I am a catholic wedding photographer.  I love the traditional rite of marriage ceremonies with meaningful hymns, psalms, prayer of the faithful, and readings!  As a practicing catholic, I believe that choosing special readings and music is a great way to personalize your church wedding.  This wedding ceremony however was very unique, it was performed in the original Latin version!  A bit longer with more singing, but very nice.  If you are catholic and planning a catholic wedding, be sure to check out this catholic wedding planning website.

Here are my favorite pictures from a very religious wedding at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Denver…

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Colorado Springs Catholic Wedding Photographer

The Historic Pauline Memorial Chapel has always been one of my favorite churches.  So much beauty and history all in one place!  It is one of my favorite churches to work in as a catholic wedding photographer.

Here is a little known fact about the church…. Although Julie, Spencer’s wife was a devout catholic, there were no Catholic parishes in Colorado Springs at the time, so the Pauline Chapel was actually not dedicated as a Catholic church until 1925 when St. Paul’s Catholic Parish of Colorado Springs was established.

This beautiful church was built in 1919, a year after the main building of The Broadmoor was built!  It was originally designed for the use of hotel guests and has recently been restored by and taken over by The Broadmoor. The church is located across the street to the west from the gates to Broadmoor West, at the corner of Park and Mesa Avenues and is open to hotel guests and the community each Sunday at 9:00 a.m.

To ready more about the renovations, check out the Broadmoor’s blog post:


Here are some wedding photos I made there back in 2011.

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