Sheena Harper Photography

Colorado Springs Catholic Charities Photographer

I love helping out my local parish by volunteering my talents when I can.  One of the events I help out with is the St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser in Colorado Springs.  It is such a fun event to cover, from the silent auction to the Irish Step Dancers there is never a dull moment.  Here are some of my photographs from the event…

President and CEO of Catholic Charities of Central Colorado, Andy Barton, with Bishop Michael J. Sheridan at the 2015 Catholic Charities St. Patrick’s Day Gala.   Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0001 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0002 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0003 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0004 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0005 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0006 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0007 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0008 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0009 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0010Bishop-Michael-Sheridan_0001 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0011 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0012 Catholic-Charities-Colorado-Springs_0013Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |