Sheena Harper Photography

Aerial Photography & Videography

Adding drones to our equipment has allowed us to create unique and extraordinary images and videos for our clients!  These are used for a very wide variety of jobs, from real estate to weddings.

98% of newlyweds surveyed said they’d recommend that engaged couples hire a videographer for their wedding.  – Brides Colorado, Fall/Winter 2010

Imagine being able to look at your wedding photographs, watch yourself walk down the aisle, and hear the vows, the music, and the laughter all at the same time. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to tell your story in a unique cinematic way, called Fusion! The final product is an easily distributed, beautifully orchestrated record of your event that can be emailed, posted to YouTube, and uploaded to websites such as Facebook.

Ask any couple on their 30th anniversary if they’d like to hear their vows, see the father-daughter dance or listen in on candid bridal party conservation- few would say no.  In the short term, couples can also experience moments that they may have missed on the actual day.  People who weren’t there – from social media friends to Grandma Betty – will be able to feel like they didn’t miss a thing.  – The Knot Colorado, Spring/Summer 2014

Fusion A La Carte:
Hourly – $150
Slideshow DVD – $275, $200 per extra copy

Piney Lake Wedding Photographers from Sheena Harper on Vimeo.