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Pines at Genesse Weddings

Tonia and Stephen Christian has their wedding reception at the beautiful Pines at Genesse in Golden, CO.

Here are the photos of the room before the guests entered…

pines-of-genesee_0001 pines-of-genesee_0004pines-of-genesee_0002 pines-of-genesee_0005pines-of-genesee_0003 pines-of-genesee_0009 pines-of-genesee_0010 pines-of-genesee_0011 pines-of-genesee_0012 pines-of-genesee_0013 pines-of-genesee_0014 pines-of-genesee_0015Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |

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