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Affordable mountain towns in Colorado, Utah and Idaho

I couldn’t imagine living anywhere, but the west. The wide open spaces, 4 seasons, and the beautiful mountains! I love to spend as much time outdoors as I can, living as adventurously as I can. However, finding an affordable mountain town to call home can be challenging, so no wonder it is hard to find an affordable photographer for your wedding in the west, especially in the mountains of western Colorado!

I love this article on mountain towns that are actually affordable in Idaho, Utah and Colorado – Leadville is one of my all time favorite towns in Colorado. I love the rich mining history, the big mountains (the biggest mountain, Mt Elbert, Colorado’s tallest 14er is right outside of town), and how close it is to everything. And did I mention PB Brewing and Ski Joring? Ogden is close to a lot of great ski resorts and Salt Lake City with even more places to ski. Of course, Idaho Falls is another great option, less than two hours from Jackson Hole makes it a no brainier. A short drive from the falls is some of the country’s most stunning mountain terrain and some truly amazing outdoor fun, from hiking and camping to fishing in the snake river and snowmobiling in Island Park.

Little known fact, I always dreamed of moving to Leadville, Colorado. Here is the proof, pictures from one of the houses I had a local real estate agent show me that was out by the cemetery on the way to the most beautiful lake in the state, Turquoise Lake…

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