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Heck Yeah Photo Camp with Ben Sasso

Here is Part 1 of a 2 Part Post

Last month, in August of 2016 I flew to the west coast with my friend and regular co-worker / photography assistant, Kate (owner of Kate Thomas Photography) to LA where we met our other friend Lindsey (owner of Lindsey Cassidy Photography) for a trip packed full of photography education.

Here we are together…

What a wonderful trip and very smart business decision I made to travel to California with 2 photographer friends of mine to attend a very rewarding workshop called Heck Yeah!  This epic workshop was help at a retreat center in Joshua Tree, CA and we had classes all day everyday, as well as a model shoot out at the end of camp.

Joshua Tree was beautiful and the experience was amazing!  There is more about the workshop and the other amazing photographers who taught at it, like Katch Silva, in my next post.

After the workshop we stayed at a homesteader cabin way out in the desert, for two extra days to model for each other, practicing our new photography skills and tricks.  It was a perfect match for some adventurous ladies like ourselves, however the dry bathroom and outdoor shower took a little getting used to.


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