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Denver Catholic Wedding Photography

I love photographing church weddings and I especially enjoy photographing catholic weddings since I am a catholic wedding photographer.  I love the traditional rite of marriage ceremonies with meaningful hymns, psalms, prayer of the faithful, and readings!  As a practicing catholic, I believe that choosing special readings and music is a great way to personalize your church wedding.  This wedding ceremony however was very unique, it was performed in the original Latin version!  A bit longer with more singing, but very nice.  If you are catholic and planning a catholic wedding, be sure to check out this catholic wedding planning website.

Here are my favorite pictures from a very religious wedding at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Denver…

catholic-wedding-photography_0001 catholic-wedding-photography_0002bw catholic-wedding-photography_0003bw catholic-wedding-photography_0004 catholic-wedding-photography_0005 catholic-wedding-photography_0006 catholic-wedding-photography_0007 catholic-wedding-photography_0008 catholic-wedding-photography_0009 catholic-wedding-photography_0010 catholic-wedding-photography_0011 catholic-wedding-photography_0012 catholic-wedding-photography_0013 catholic-wedding-photography_0014 catholic-wedding-photography_0015 catholic-wedding-photography_0016 catholic-wedding-photography_0017 catholic-wedding-photography_0018


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