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Tips for Planning a Mountain Wedding

I am no professional wedding planner, however after 9 years in the business I have seen a lot of things go right and a lot of things go wrong. My experience in the field has taught me a lot about destination mountain weddings. Therefore, when I talk to my couples about their plan I simply help them schedule their special day around the best weather and lighting.  I also educate them about having back up plans for outdoor mountain weddings because the weather can change in an instant.  Helping you make decisions to keep everyone safe is also a goal of mine.  My schooling for outdoor leadership taught me a lot about mountain weather, which is especially helpful the day of.  For instance, reading clouds is a skill that I use to help keep everyone safe outdoors during wedding day portraits.

All of these photos posted below include an item or prop that belongs to me, which I brought just in case they might need it.  A comfortable, dry and warm bride is always my ultimate goal.  It is hard to feel happy and look beautiful is photos when you are miserable.

My expertise in mountain weddings has allowed me to share lots of great tips with you, for free!  So please check back often for our weekly wedding tips!

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