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Hudson Gardens, Wedding Venue Review

Hudson Gardens in Littleton, Colorado is wonderful place to get married any time of year.  It is conveniently located on South Santa Fe Drive it is a great venue for any kind of photography.  It is perfect for a portrait session, as there is a wide variety of beautiful backdrops for photography.  There are also a lot of choices for wedding ceremony sites.  The Inn is perfect for rustic weddings, while the Rose Garden is very romantic.  The staff is helpful and the gardens are always in great shape.  I highly recommend it!

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Hudson Gardens Wedding Pictures

Hudson Gardens and Event Center in Littleton, Colorado has the most beautifully landscaped gardens and it has a cute little log cabin that is perfect for a casual wedding reception.

Here are Jodi and Brennan’s wedding reception photographs…

 hudson-gardens-weddings_0002hudson-gardens-wedding-pictures_0004hudson-gardens-littleton-wedding-venue hudson-gardens-weddings_0003hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0003 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0004 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0005 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0006 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0007 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0008 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0009 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0010 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0011 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0012 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0013 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0014 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0015 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0016 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0017 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0018 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0019 hudson-gardens-wedding-photography_0020Sheena Harper Photography | 719.686.8650 |