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Woodland Park Chamber Dinner Photography

Joining the Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce was one of the best things I did for my photography career. It has been great for networking and staying on top of what is going on in my community. Here are some photographs from the 2014 Annual Dinner at the beautiful Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs…

woodland-park-colorado-chamber-photographers_0001 woodland-park-colorado-chamber-photographers_0002 woodland-park-colorado-chamber-photographers_0003 woodland-park-colorado-chamber-photographers_0004 woodland-park-colorado-chamber-photographers_0005

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Our Wedding Photography Gear

Since the invention of digital photography our clients have become more knowledgeable about cameras and photography equipment, so naturally we get more questions about our cameras.

I have been a canon photographer since the early 90s, I have been running my website since the late 90s.  I have now been photographing weddings professionally for about 8 years, starting the year I graduated from photography college.

Our main camera body is the Canon 5D mark III, our entire team uses them, they are well built, fast cameras.  We also all have back up camera bodies.  Since weddings are a one time event, I actually have 2 back up cameras just to be extra safe – the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 70D.  We have professional canon lenses from the Canon-L-Lens-Series.  We believe the glass is just as important or maybe more important than the qualities of our bodies, so we use best that is available.  As wedding photographers we often work in dark reception venues, so we also use prime lenses (fixed focal length) that allow us to shoot at low apertures that let a lot more light into the camera without having to increase the iso, or what we used to call the film speed.  The low depth of field also gives a beautiful look to our photography.

In addition to the cameras and lenses, we also have a ton of lighting equipment.  Again, because weddings are a one time event, we have back up lighting equipment for our back up lighting equipment.  We have enough flashed and radio triggers to light world arena in a back out.  We also have 3 video lights, 2 led panel lights and one tungsten spotlight.  Our knowledge in off camera lighting definitely sets apart, hiring a photographer with several speedlights who knows how to use them to add dimension and mood to the scene of a photograph is invaluable.


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Colorado Springs Weddings

Colorado Springs has many wedding venues.  Here are a few of my favorites.wedding_photographers_colorado_springs_0006pinery-wedding-photographers_0003glen-eyrie-wedding-photography_0002 colorado-springs-wedding-photographers_0001

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Lost Dutchman Resort Weddings

The Lost Dutchman Resort in Divide Colorado is a great venue for rustic Colorado weddings. Robyn and Billy were a great bride and groom to work with, they were so natural in front of the camera for their pictures.





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Copper Mountain Colorado Wedding Photographers

What a fun party at Copper Mountain Resort and I just loved Jason and Kristen’s 14er themed tables!
(Check out my previous post to see their wedding ceremony photographs: Copper Mountain Colorado Resort Wedding Photographers)

copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0029 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0030 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0034 copper-mountain-colorado-resort-wedding-photographers_0001 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0039 copper-mountain-colorado-resort-wedding-photographers_0002 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0037 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0032 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0033 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0031 copper-mountain-colorado-wedding-photographers_0036

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Copper Mountain Colorado Wedding Photographers

I grew up skiing Copper Mountain Resort exclusively, so when Jason and Kristen asked me to be their wedding photographer I was thrilled. Copper has always been a special place to me and I know it inside and out!  Here are their pre ceremony photographs…









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Colorado Springs Wedding Photographers | Wedding Tip of the Week:

To save money on the rehearsal dinner consider an intimate BBQ at a relative’s house. All that really matters is that your friends have a good time with some good company!

Hillside Gardens Wedding Photographers

Last month I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Tammie Thessing ( Here are my photographs from The Bryant’s Wedding at Hillside Gardens in Colorado Springs…

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Wedding Tip of the Week:

Wedding Tip of the Week:

In the early stages of planning rank the aspects of your wedding that are most important to you (and your fiancé), then analyze the top 5 and write a realistic budget leaving enough cushion to support your top priorities. It will really help focus you in the early stages of planning; It is easy to get carried away when planning a wedding. Then begin researching and booking your top priorities. Also, don’t forget to let the people helping you know what your top priorities are, like your friends and family.