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Colorado Springs Outdoor Baby Photography

Rock Ledge Ranch in Colorado Springs is a great location for little boy baby pictures because of all the old farm equipment.  I love the look of little men holding onto wagon wheels to stand up.  I also love these purple flowers when they are newly in bloom.  They are my favorite background right now; They photograph so well!!

Babies grow up way too fast, having professional pictures made of your baby is priceless!  This is may favorite photo from Sean-Patrick’s 13 month learning to walk portrait session.

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Aaron’s Newborn Portraits

Meet Newborn Aaron Leo born on July 17 2014 at 2:11pm, weighing in at 6lb 8oz, and 21″long….

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Colorado Springs Baby Shower Photography

I love continuing to photograph my wedding bride and grooms as they start their own little families. Party pictures are just like wedding photography, details and candids plus some portraiture.

colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0001 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0002 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0003 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0004 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0005 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0006 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0007 colorado-springs-childrens-pictures-photographers_0008

Here is a link to Lara’s wedding photography from way back – July 24, 2011 @ The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis: Minneapolis Wedding Photography


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Baby Kaylan

Colorado Springs Baby Photography…

I have never photographed a newborn before and we didn’t have much time, but I think they came out nicely.

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