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I am a wedding photographer because I believe in marriage. Couples who get married in a church are more likely to stay together.  According to the Daily Mail, Fewer than one in three of all weddings were celebrated in a church in 2012, compared to more than half in the 1980s.  Why is that?  Do people think it is boring?  What is wrong with having a meaningful ceremony?  More cohabitation and a fall in the church attendance could be to blame.  If you don’t go to church why would you get married in one?  The comments I have heard are that couples feel like church weddings are stuffy and old school.  Sometimes traditions and old school aren’t that bad.  Many churches require a marriage prep course, which is actually a great class to take together because it makes you talk about things like money and children before you are married.  Be it known that those who attend church regularly have a significantly lower divorce rate than those who don’t.

I want your marriage to succeed!  Therefore, my time in churches is always free of charge!!!

Below is a slideshow of a recent wedding at St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Colorado Springs.

There is no doubt that the choices you make about your wedding day are often based on your budget and cost.  Did you know church weddings are usually cheaper?  For instance, the beautiful Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel in Bella Vista Arkansas is only $600!!

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