Sheena Harper Photography

My Wedding Philosophy

There are many people to choose from when it comes to selecting your wedding photographer, especially in this digital age. I believe that finding the right photographer that captures your vision and fuses well with you is essential.

My goal is to unobtrusively capture the action, beauty, romance, emotion and entire spirit of your day through artistic documentation.

I believe that weddings are about relationships, and I will capture the emotion of them through my photography.

Every wedding is unique and I believe your photos should be, too.

I believe amazing photographs are made because the photographer understands the client and truly cares about their final product, not just making money.

I will spend many hours preparing for your wedding, from scouting beautiful locations within your venues to exploring the entire perimeter around your wedding and reception locations to come up with new and innovative portrait locations.

I will meet with you as many times as you feel necessary to work out every detail.

I will do my best to attend your wedding rehearsal. It gives me the chance to understand the flow of the ceremony and to become familiar with your family and wedding party, and their individual personalities.

I will search out the best angles that compliment you and your environment.

I will use my wedding experience to help anticipate when the best moments will occur.

I will come prepared with back up photography equipment, as well as safety pins, Kleenex, and Band-Aids.

I will make certain that you look fantastic every minute of the day.

I will give you my very best on your wedding day.

I am friendly, outgoing, and flexible; I function great under pressure.

I focus on capturing the “moment,” and the details that make your wedding unique. I am an emotional story teller.

I do not mind arranging extended family portraits so grandma can have a copy of a family portrait with her whole family dressed up on the big day.

My background in photojournalism has prepared me for onetime events and moments that can only be captured once.

The majority of the photographs will occur naturally as the wedding day unfolds without much interference. However, I love to use my creative juices to produce beautiful, inventive portraits. I also include the traditional wedding party and family group photographs.

Wedding photographs are the ONLY thing that you will take with you as a permanent record of your beautiful day, therefore I take the utmost care to prepare for and producing final products for.

I have been photographing weddings since 2005 and I have loved every minute of it!

It is an honor and privilege to be a part of your special day and if you enjoy my portfolio, I hope you will contact me soon so I can hear all about you and your fiancé’s story and then we can discuss how to let my artistic vision become your family keepsake.

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