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Colorado Mountain Wedding Venues for Adventurous Couples – My Top 5 List

Adventure awaits in the mountains of Colorado for serious wilderness lovers!  For those who live and love adventurously, these mountain venues are perfect options for your special day.

Warning: these wedding sites are not for the ordinary couple!  But you’re not the typical couple, are you?  And yours won’t be the typical wedding. You are looking for a wild mountain location… you want to get married in an incredibly beautiful outdoor spot, off the beaten path, don’t you?

Here is my list for the top outdoor weddings locations in the mountains of Colorado for adventurous couples…

#1 San Sophia Overlook, Telluride

#2 Camp Hale Lodge, Leadville

#3 Piney River Ranch, Vail

#4 Emerald Valley Ranch, Colorado Springs

#5 Wild Canyon Ranch, Lake George

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch

Please Note: It is very important you not only choose a photographer who can handle the wind, rain and mud, but thrives in the outdoors and has a Plan B and Plan C to make epic photographs for you.

Don’t just hire a destination wedding photographer, hire a seasoned professional adventure wedding photographer with a background in outdoor leadership!  I’m not the typical mountain wedding photographer, I have a bachelor’s of science in Outdoor Leadership and after a decade photographing weddings, I’ve seen it all.  Additionally, all of 2017’s weddings for inseparable couples include a complimentary day after ‘Intimate Mountain Adventure Session for those wanting unforgettable outing, but restricted by their wedding timeline to get truly wild.


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